Started from the Bottom


Now we're Here

Inspired by our passionate dedication to delicious and flavorful halal foods, One World Halal was founded with one main goal: To deliver a brand new experience to the Halal Market.

It didn’t happen over-night. For years consumers have been looking for hygienic, healthy and humane options. These are the pillars of what is defined as Halal. Consumers have had to accept that insisting on Halal meant limited variety and inconvenience. From independent Halal meat stores in the 80s and 90s, to over-processed hot-dogs and bone-dry patties, Halal consumers have been long waiting for options.

One World Halal was formed not out of market analysis, or by focus groups, but by people who were born and raised on Halal. Second generation proud Canadian Muslims who had a strong desire to share their halal innovations with their fellow Canadian consumers without compromising on the status quo.

"From the very beginning, we have been driven by our commitment to integrity, innovation and high quality products that are healthy and tasty. We are working hard to bring more unique halal products to you, our valuable consumers."

It didn’t happen over night…. but now we’re here, and we’re inspired by you.